Camac's Little Big Blue Acoustic / Electric Pedal Harp - The Blues - The Blue (47 strings) and the Little Big Blue (44 strings) are Camac's electric-acoustic harps. They can be played in the traditional way, without amplification, or as electric harps, with a high frequency pick-up on each string. Blue not your favourite colour? Don't worry: there is a choice of colours from which to select.

Camac's Little Big Blue Pedal Harp
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Harp Details
Strings Number 44
String type Top G - 1st F Nylon / 2nd E to 5th A Gut / 5th G - 6th F Wire
Range Top G - 6th F
Soundboard Extended
Height cm 171 cm
Weight kg 29 Kg
Price £15,995 inc 20% VAT (£13,329.17 exc VAT)
Includes Camac's 10 year warranty
Dust cover
Tuning key with holder
Music case with tools
Camac's Regulating device
Excludes Exclusive of delivery
Options & Finishes
Standard Finishes Blue, Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry,
Special Finishes
10% extra cost
Red, Green, Maple, Silver or any colour you fancy!
Decorated Soundboard Available at no extra cost
View Finishes
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