The Camac Mademoiselle Lever Harp - this lever harp is directly inspired by concert grand harps. It has the same playing characteristics, the same string lengths, the same spacing, the same string tension, the same touch and the same playing position. The only difference is that it has 40 strings and of course, it has the superb Camac lever mechanism.
Harp Details
Levers Camac metal levers
Strings Number 40
String type Gut
Range 1E - 6A
Height cm 159 cm
Weight kg 22 kg
Price £3,495 inc 20% VAT (£2,912.50 exc VAT)
Includes Camac's 5 year warranty
Dust cover
Tuning key
Excludes Exclusive of delivery
Options & Finishes
Standard Finishes Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry
Special Finishes
10% extra cost
Black, Natural Maple
Crown Additional cost. Adds 32mm to height of harp
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