The Camac Janet Lever Harp - this celtic harp is especially suited to Irish music - with traditional Irish string spacing which are closer together and a strong, sweet and rich tone. Beautifully crafted to a quintessential Celtic Irish design.
Harp Details
Levers Camac metal levers
Strings Number 34
String type Nylon
Range 1A - C34
Height cm 129 cm
Weight kg 10 kg
Price £3,495 inc 20% VAT (£2,912.50 exc VAT)
Includes Camac's 5 year warranty
Dust cover
Tuning key
Excludes Exclusive of delivery
Options & Finishes
Standard Finishes Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry
Special Finishes
10% extra cost
Black, Natural Maple
View Finishes
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